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Songs Now: British Songs of the 21st Century


An attractive and varied set of songs from 8 emerging composers.
‘’Meridian, their baritone and their pianist do full and valorous service to the cause of the chlorophyll-rich and ever-leafy renewal of British song. . . These settings are approachable and engage both mind and heart without ducking a challenge along the way.’’ Musicweb – read the full review here -

1 – 8. Eight Evening Songs - David Power
9 – 10. Opened Spaces - Tom Armstrong
11 – 13. Memory of Place - David Lancaster
14 – 20. Six Songs of Old Japanese Wisdom - Richard Whalley
21. Adieu to All Alluring Toys - Peter Reynolds.
22 – 28. Songs for Don - Steve Crowther
29. Winter is a Slow Death Waiting - William Rhys meek
30 – 32. Three Songs - Michael Parkin